Multi-Township EMS commenced operations as a Basic Life Support Ambulance Provider on December 27, 1977.  Under the auspices of Dr. Richard Galbreath, MTEMS became certified as an EMT-Advanced organization in 1980.  With the assistance of Dr. LindaOriginal MTEMS Ambulances Law, MTEMS attained Paramedic Provider status in February of 1987, and remained the only Paramedic service in Kosciusko County until 1996. 

MTEMS is a not-for-profit 501-c3 corporation.  Operating funds are obtained by tax subsidy and revenue generated by ambulance calls.  The year 2006 began a changing and growing time that is still evolving for MTEMS.  In addition to contracts with Etna, Prairie and Wayne Townships; MTEMS now contracts with Clay, Jefferson, Plain, Van Buren, Washington, Monroe, Parts of Harrison, Bourbon (Marshall County), and Tippecanoe (Marshall County) Townships.
Multi-Township EMS operates with paid personnel twenty-four hours a day,seven days a week, 365/366 days per year. MTEMS maintains five 24 hour ambulances and one eight hour ambulance every day. Two crews stationed in Warsaw and one each in Leesburg, Milford and Bourbon. There is also a third 8 hour ambulance in Warsaw from 9 am, to 5 pm to assist with the extra daytime load.
MTEMS has sixty-four paid people on staff.  This includes Paramedics and Advanced EMT’s. All ambulances at MTEMS are staffed with one Paramedic and one Advanced EMT. MTEMS also has a volunteer organization which includes several Basic and Advanced EMT personnel.
In addition to providing emergency and invalid ambulance transport, MTEMS provides numerous educational opportunities for the community.  MTEMS began operating a car seat safety program in 1995.  This program has provided training for parents and caregivers on the proper use of child restraints.  MTEMS has also been able to provide over 500 car seats to area residents through various grant opportunities and an affiliation with the Indiana Safe Kids Chapter. This was handed over to the Warsaw Police Department in middle 2005.
MTEMS has provided training for several area industries that purchased automatic defibrillators, as well as CPR training for area businesses, local police and fire personnel, and school bus drivers.  MTEMS also provides continuous training and educational opportunities to the local fire departments and BLS non-transport providers.  This is provided at no additional cost to the departments.
Since 1987, MTEMS has offered paramedic assistance to all of the Basic Life Support Providers in Kosciusko County per a “Dual Dispatch Protocol”.   Dual dispatch of
paramedics is initiated when a patient’s condition is such that cardiac monitoring, I.V. solutions, advanced airway management and/or medications may be required.
MTEMS has continued to grow and run volume has increased.  MTEMS responded to 4302 ambulance calls in 2004. This year we will respond to nearly 6500 ambulance calls.
*Principal services and purpose:
Multi-Township Emergency Medical Service provides both invalid and emergency ambulance transport.  MTEMS is committed to saving lives, preventing further injury, and stabilizing patients prior to transport for more definitive medical care.  As a paramedic provider, we use our advanced training and equipment to extend the care of the emergency physician to the patient in the field.  We often encounter our patients and their families during crisis situations, and it is imperative that our employees are committed to doing everything possible to minimize the effects of the crisis.
MTEMS has also made a commitment to provide educational activities for the communities we serve.
Some of the educational activities we provide include:
1.      CPR Classes
2.      First Responder training to local Fire Departments and BLS nontransport providers
3.      First Aid Classes (BABE Program, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Day Camps,Businesses, etc.)
4.      AED Training
5.      Tours
6.      Seminars for Area EMS Organizations
*Mission Statement:
Multi-Township Emergency Medical Service is committed to providing caring, competent and efficient pre-hospital emergency medical care, and to maintaining a pro-active stance in providing emergency education in an effort to prevent injuries and save lives.
*Corporate ownership and formal affiliations:
Multi-Township Emergency Medical Service is a not-for-profit corporation with a 501 c3 status.  MTEMS has formal service contracts with the Kosciusko County townships of Clay, Etna, Jefferson, Plain, Prairie, Van Buren, Washington, Wayne, Monroe, Bourbon (Marshall County), Tippecanoe (Marshall County),  and parts of Harrison Township.  Formal service contracts are also in place for the towns of Claypool, Bourbon and Milford.
Multi-Township EMS is certified by the State of Indiana EMS Commission and Kosciusko Community Hospital serves as the Sponsoring Hospital for MTEMS. MTEMS also retains membership in the Indiana Ambulance Association.